Welcome to the official website of the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company.

The PAN Sweet Decoration Center company started operations in 1998.

It offers high-quality confectionery decorations, semi-finished products, equipment,

technology and knowledge for modern confectionery decorating shops in the whole of Europe.

Sugarcraft style cake decorating - quipment, moulds, varieties of paste, colouring and raw materials
Sugar paste cake decorating has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. For some years now we have been offering you the best equipment and raw materials for English-style cake decorating. Our highly versatile and wide range is regularly enriched with new ideas, moulds and equipment imported for you from all over the world.
The world of chocolate
Our range covers a number of tools, equipment and moulds for making chocolate decorations
which are to be placed on cakes, gateaux and desserts which, in turn, you can prepare by yourselves. We offer you user- friendly and well-proven chocolate heaters and high quality
praline moulds in modern and fashionable shapes. No catalogue would be complete without high quality chocolate, specialised colouring to dye chocolate in its mass and on its surface and chocolate foil for imprints on chocolate surface.
Professional caramel decorations - Equipment, moulds, raw materials and colouring
Several years ago caramel decorations fell into oblivion. However, now they are triumphantly back as new products of a new quality sending new messages. Caramel decorations have always been the most difficult and demanding form of confectionery decorations, testifying to the real art, expertise and professionalism of their creators.
In light of the keenest competition on the confectionery products market and taking into consideration the need to compete with home-made products also in the field of wedding cakes, caramel decorations may become and are becoming the sign of a top quality real confectionery offer.
Ready-made caramel produced by us will facilitate your caramel work. As we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first caramel production, we have introduced new and unique colours.
Highly recommended!  
At the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company, our production processes comply with the highest European standards of food quality control. The HACCP food quality control system has been operating in our company since 2005.

Visit our online shops:
www.pan-centrum.pl   -  online shop where our full offer is available
www.choclatte.com    -   online shop with our chocolate products
www.cakestands.eu     -   online shop with our cake stands
Email address: biuro@pan-centrum.com
Telephone numbers: 61 661 36 36 or 61 869 92 80


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