Welcome to the official website of the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company.

The PAN Sweet Decoration Center company started operations in 1998.

It offers high-quality confectionery decorations, semi-finished products, equipment,

technology and knowledge for modern confectionery decorating shops in the whole of Europe.

Soft sugar paste – “Wonder Paste”
Splendid, soft sugar paste mainly for cake covering, already well-known to Polish pastry cooks. Very pliable, ideally suited for covering very intricate cake shapes, very good taste. Excellent for making many decorations, ornaments, flowers and other decorative elements. Packed into user- friendly one-kilogram air-tight wrappers. Buy 5 wrappers and get a discount!

Stiff sugar paste – “Model Past”
Excellent, stiff sugar paste for modelling figures, decorations, ornaments, frills, lace and flowers. Pliable when worked on, this paste remembers its acquired shape. It does not dry out or harden, although Model Paste decorations ideally keep their shape for ever. Excellent for figures modelling!!! Contains as much as 25% of coca butter! Packed into user- friendly one-kilogram air-tight wrappers. Buy 5 wrappers and get a 5% discount!


A brand-new idea for magnificent sugar cake-decorations in the shape of ultra-fine, 3-D lace! Just combine some of specially prepared sugar mix with water and spread it over silicone mats to obtain a flexible and ultra-fine lace-effect decoration. Any colouring can be added to the PIZZI sugar paste for sugar lace to obtain new, spectacular decorative effects! Available in small boxes at an exceptionally affordable price.

Super Ice” ready-made royal icing for piping!
Ready-made royal icing for piping, in powder, to be mixed with water. Add some water to your SUPER ICE and you will obtain a perfectly velvety decorative paste for piping.
Safe icing – SUPER ICE does not contain eggs


Rainbow Dust powder colours for sugar paste, marshmallow fondant and chocolate
Breath-taking, excellent colours, high quality of coverage, unique decorative effect not seen before and a very affordable price are some of the strongest points of the Rainbow Dust powder colours. Powder colours are applied with a brush directly onto your decorations and confectionery products, producing a totally new and unique decorating effect, impossible to obtain before. The Rainbow Dust colours are available in a rich palette, where you will find metallic and glittering shades apart from the typical ones

The latest PROGEL paste or gel colourings are the crowning achievement of specialists’ several years’ work focused on improving professional colourings for sugar paste, marshmallow fondant, crème etc. An ideal consistency, excellent distribution in the product, high efficiency, very intense colours, full range of beautiful shades and an attractive price are undoubtedly the strong points of PROGEL colourings. Thanks to their special consistency PROGEL colourings are ideal for the comfortable colouring of sugar paste, marshmallow fondant and other kinds of paste. As they are produced as gel or paste, they distribute easily in the product, giving it a nice and evenly distributed colour. A small quantity of such colourings added to your pastewill result in very intense colours.


Exquisite caramel roses, ready to be placed on cakes, are made of high-quality isomalt. The fact that they are made exclusively by hand in a professional and masterly manner guarantees a top quality decorative effect. The caramel petals of such roses are exceptionally fine and strikingly shiny. Only top quality isomalt-based caramel is used for their production, which makes them highly resistant to air humidity. Transport of those exceptionally fine decorations is possible thanks to purpose-designed boxes.

Ready-made logo chocolates – Highest quality and best user-friendliness guaranteed
Logo chocolates with a name or a company logo are an exceptionally elegant and very effective way of creating the market image of a pastry shop. Customers can positively identify the producer of a merchandise as there is a logo placed on it and they can choose only products bearing this pastry cook's signature as those which are always sure-fire winners.
Let's not forget that a logo chocolate is important not only in a shop. Later, at a party or reception, all invited guests can easily recognise the producer of the delicacies offered by the host and remember the producer's name for future reference.
The company PAN Centre for Sweet Decorations commenced the production of logo chocolates as early as in 1994 as one of the first companies in Europe.
From the very beginning our logo chocolates have been produced with utmost care and meticulousness at each stage of our production process.


Chocolate decorations
High quality ready-made chocolate decorations with all-purpose, decorative chocolate imprints.
Perfect for everyday use as a decoration for petit fours, desserts, cakes and other products.
Our impressive variety of sizes, shapes and imprint patterns will certainly make light work of choosing the right set for you.

Chocolate gifts
For many years now the company PAN Centre for Sweet Decorations has been known as a leading
European producer of imprinted chocolates of any design, colour and shape, made to order as
confectionery decorations and as a finish for cakes, desserts and gateaux.
We also produce chocolate imprinted with chocolate, packed in accordance with the requirements of
marketing and advertising.
Promotional chocolates with your coffee - Coffee gift
A coffee gift is the smallest and cheapest of all chocolate gifts. This small, 25x35mm bespoke chocolate is made with a chocolate imprint of any colour and wrapped in individual flowpack foil wrappers. Due to its nature and low unit price it is ideal for handing out at fairs, conferences and business meetings. It is also a perfect gift to be served with your coffee in pastry shops and coffee houses as it is cheap yet elegant. It has proven itself as a welcome chocolate in hotels, guesthouses and spas.


Chocolate gifts – bespoke shapes
We can customise the shape and colour of our chocolate gifts. We will gladly satisfy your unique needs or requirements. We will match the shape of the chocolate to your company logo or image. The word “impossible” is not in our dictionary.
We can make chocolates of any shape and combine the technologies of chocolate imprint and chocolate moulding.
We will combine our over 13-year experience in working with chocolate and the latest technologies of chocolate processing with your bold ideas and creative approach to advertising, in order to surprise and satisfy anyone receiving a sweet, unforgettable chocolate gift.

Chocolate laptop
This chocolate laptop is a great promotional gift idea. Its keyboard made of chocolate with a chocolate imprint of letters and characters just like on a real keyboard and another chocolate with space for advertising have been hidden in a cardboard box which imitates the laptop body.
The laptop screen can serve as a place to display any photograph or bespoke graphics – another great place for advertisement!