Welcome to the official website of the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company.

The PAN Sweet Decoration Center company started operations in 1998.

It offers high-quality confectionery decorations, semi-finished products, equipment,

technology and knowledge for modern confectionery decorating shops in the whole of Europe.

The PAN Sweet Decoration Center company is a Polish manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in producing chocolate decorations with chocolate imprints. Bespoke chocolates bearing the name or logo of a sweet shop, café or hotel are our flagship product. From the very beginning chocolate decorations made by the PAN Sweet Decoration Center have been made exclusively of high-quality real chocolate. The quality and colours of chocolate logos combined with decorative chocolate pressing puts the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company in the group of leading European manufacturers of chocolate decorations. Chocolates bearing a shiny and golden logo or imprints, offered for some years, have proven to be a sure-fire winner. 
You will find a wide range of chocolate decorations whose universal designs are ideal for everyday gateau, cake and dessert decorating. We also offer festive and occasional chocolate decorations designed for any imaginable event. The PAN Sweet Decoration Center company commenced the production of chocolate decorations with chocolate imprints as early as in 1999 as one of the first companies in Europe. From the very beginning our chocolate decorations have been manufactured with utmost care and meticulousness at each stage of the production process.
Our immense and longstanding experience in working with chocolate allows us to fulfil the most untypical and spectacular orders placed not only by the confectionery industry, but also by the advertising industry. In 2005, encouraged by advertising agencies and PR companies, we started producing promotional chocolates, packed in individual elegant cardboard boxes as promotional and event-specific gifts.
We will combine our over 13-year experience in working with chocolate and the latest technologies of chocolate processing with your bold ideas and creative approach to advertising, in order to surprise and satisfy anyone receiving a sweet, unforgettable chocolate gift.
The word “impossible” is not in our dictionary!
Left-hand corner photograph: original bronze medal.
Right-hand corner photograph: its faithful chocolate copy prepared for packing as sweet gifts.

At the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company, our production processes comply with the highest European standards of food quality control. The HACCP food quality control system has been operating in our company since 2005.

Visit our online shops:
www.pan-centrum.pl   -  online shop where our full offer is available
www.choclatte.com    -   online shop with our chocolate products
www.cakestands.eu     -   online shop with our cake stands
Email address: biuro@pan-centrum.com
Telephone numbers: 61 661 36 36 or 61 869 92 80



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